One Nigerian One Vote.

Regardless of your location



Nigerians in the Diaspora send home over $20 billion every year. This amount is almost 70% of Nigeria’s total budget.

So if anyone is wondering what is our contribution to the country? The answer is quite obvious.

Besides this financial contribution, we have the burning desire to help in any way we can to contribute to the development of our country.

We want to help shape the present and the future of our county, by electing good leaders who can secure the future for our children and grand children in a Nigeria that is progressive and peaceful.

We cannot help to elect the good leaders that the country needs unless every one of us is given the opportunity to vote.

This is an appeal to all Nigerians, both at home and abroad to come together in lobbying our elected representatives to support the bill for the Diaspora vote.

The first thing you need to do is register your support through this website.

You can register as a Nigerian living at home who wants to support the initiative.

As a Nigerian living in the Diaspora, you should register to join the initiative.

This initiative is not affiliated with any political party, religion, tribal or ethnic organization.

It is a movement with only one objective. One Nigerian One Vote regardless of location. Registration is Free.

Thank you for your support. May God Bless Nigeria.  JOIN NOW

Nelson Mandela went to prison for twenty seven years just to secure one man one vote for his people.

 His uncompromising stand on the principle of one man one vote led to the dismantling of apartheid.

Nigeria played a prominent role in the realization of one man one vote for South Africans.

Yet today, millions of Nigerians are denied the opportunity to vote because they happen to live and work in the Diaspora.

These 20 million strong groups of patriotic Nigerians repatriated over

$21 billion to their Nigeria in 2012.


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